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Ancilliary services offered by Embassy

Prior to your vehicle coming in for repair we can quote on items that you would like done to the car while it is off the road.

Take advantage of our comprehensive service package

Does your vehicle need new tyres, a mechanical service, air conditioning regas, wheel alignment or balancing. These are just some of the items we can carry out at a reasonable cost while your car is in for repair.

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We can repair vehicles other than cars

Because of the size of our repair facility we have the capability to repair vehicles other than cars. We are not only talking about the ability to repair larger vehicles but we also have the storage area to ensure the security of your vehicle while it is onsite.

Bus smash repairs

Embassy Collision Repairs can repair buses from 8 seaters through to medium size buses such as Mitsubishi Rosas and Toyota Coasters. We have the capacity to perform panel repairs of any size including removing and replacing damaged turrets.

Truck smash repairs

Embassy, specialist panel beaters to Sydney hills district, can also repair trucks of all sizes including not only the cab but the body attached to the vehicle. We can also work with you to minimise downtime of your truck because we understand how important your truck is to your business.

Free quotes – we come to you

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What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

Be prepared! Download our complementary form, fill it in and keep in your vehicle in case you ar eever in an accident - image

Be prepared! Download our complementary form, fill it in and keep in your vehicle in case you are ever in an accident.

If you are a driver who has been in a motor vehicle accident you are legally required to:

  1. Stop immediately
  2. Provide your license and vehicle details to Police and to the drivers of any other vehicles involved
  3. Dial 000 to call Police and Ambulance if anyone is injured or deceased
  4. Give assistance to anyone who is injured
  5. Protect the area to reduce the chance of another crash occurring

When should I call the Police?

Police must attend a motor vehicle accident when:

  • A person is killed or injured
  • Damage in excess of $500 is caused to property other than the vehicle/s concerned
  • A driver fails to stop and exchange particulars
  • A driver is believed to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • A vehicle is required to be towed away.

Free accident towing service*

Call Embassy Repairs on 1300 ONTIME or 9630 3300 for free towing to our workshop.

What to do if Police are not required at a minor accident

If Police are not required because the motor vehicle accident was minor you are still legally required to:

  1. Provide your name, address, registration number and the name of the vehicle’s owner to other people involved in the crash.
  2. Obtain the other driver’s details and record on this downloadable form.
  3. Complete a P5 collision report at the Police Station nearest to the crash. Delays in the processing of insurance claims can be avoided by completing this report at the Police Station within 24 hours of the accident.
  4. Remove all debris such as broken glass from the road.

Download and print this form in case of accident

* Only applies if our recommended towing contractor is used.